Kids In Church

Preparing for Sunday morning service begins Saturday.
Actually, it is a week-long process that includes prayer, study, sleep, and more.

These Sunday Habits are not just for Sundays when the kids are in church.
Pray that the preacher will faithfully proclaim the truth of God's Word.
Pray that the listening would seek to live out the Word of God and Love one another

Here are 8 Tips for Helping Your Child Worship, click HERE

On certain Sundays, we plan to have the 1st - 5th graders
in the service with their parents.

Children are encouraged and welcomed to be part 
of the Sunday morning service in the auditorium 
with their families every Sunday.
At the same time, age-appropriate classes are offered.

This is not because we don't have enough teachers.
This is not because we don't have enough material to teach.

This is because we want to help our children 
understand what church is all about 
we want to help our parents 
train their children in how to be worshipers.

On this blog, we post resources to help children and parents 
prepare for and participate in the worship service.
If you click HERE, you can read all of the Kids in Church posts

We also understand that some parents choose to have their children
in the service with them on a regular basis.
There are blank note sheets for kids in the foyer and HERE

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