Saturday, April 29, 2023

April 30

This Week's Missionary is the Layer family.


  • Jesus returned to Heaven
  • Jesus is living in Heaven today
  • Mark 16:19; Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:9
  • 1 John 4:19

 PreK/ K

  • God Troubled Egypt
  • God is the only true God
  • Exodus 7:14-10:29
  • Exodus 15:11

 1st  SS

  • A Giant “No” to the Promised Land
  • God expects us to trust him.
  • Num 13:1, 2, 17 – 14:45
  • Proverbs 3:5, 6

2nd-3rd SS

  • Israel’s Step of Faith
  • The students will determine one way to show their faith in the coming week
  • Josh 3; 4
  • James 2:17

 4th–5th SS

  • Give to Others
  • God delights when we give of ourselves to others
  • Ex 20:15; 22:1, 2; 25:1-9; Lev 10:1-5
  • Ex 20:15

 1st–5th  CC

  • Absalom’s Downfall
  • God holds us responsible for our sin
  • 2 Sam 15 – 18
  • 2 Sam 7:22,24, 25

Saturday, April 22, 2023

A Hard Lesson

On Sunday, March 23, Pastor Brett is preaching from Romans 1:26 - 32,  which deals with the issue of sexual sins.  An email said, "As parents, please be aware that your child may not be ready to have the conversations necessary to properly understand and apply the mature topics in this week's passage.  If you feel it would be best for your child not to participate in this week's sermons, you may have them attend children's church for kids through 5th grade."

Without any planning on the staff, part of this Sunday's 1st - 5th-grade lesson is David and Bathsheba.  The lesson is entitled David's Kindness and Sin.  It will contrast David's treatment of Mephibosheth and his treatment of Bathsheba.

The topic of David's sin will be covered in an age-appropriate way.  With both of these lessons planned for tomorrow, I want to make a statement and offer some suggestions.


As the pastor overseeing TBC's children and family ministry, avoiding these lessons in a curriculum would be "easy" because they are hard or challenging to talk about in a classroom setting.
At the same time, isn't the church and home the best place to have these conversations, as opposed to a school classroom or, even worse the playground with friends?

It is better to have conversations about topics like sex and gender issues in the light of Scripture. 


David, a "man after [God's] own heart" who was faithful to his promise to Jonathan (2 Samuel 9), was also the man who committed adultery with Bathsheba and then had her husband killed.  The account in 2 Samuel is a serious account of a very serious sin.  In Sunday's lesson, we are going to handle it seriously.  It will not be a Veggietales-type lesson about stealing rubber duckies.

Here is how the narrative of David and Bathsheba was shared in class.

David was a godly king. He loved the Lord and worshiped God in the songs he wrote. Let's read just a few verses of one of those beautiful worship songs David wrote.  Psalm 103:1-5 and 108:1-5 

What beautiful words of praise and glory to God!

Though David did many good and wonderful things, David was not perfect. He was still a sinner like every person on this earth. David needed God's forgiveness just like you and I need forgiveness of sin. David made a big mistake one day. A BIG SIN. And, as is usually the case, one sin leads to another.

One day, David spotted a beautiful woman named Bathsheba.
The Bible says that he wanted her, so he sent his servants to get her.

The problem was that David had a wife, and Bathsheba had a husband.
And marriage is a very special relationship God created between one man and one woman.

David broke that marriage vow and did what he wanted. 
Not what Bathsheba wanted.
Not what Urriah wanted

 Bathsheba went back home, and later she was carrying his child.

Now people would know that something had happened between David and Bathsheba because her husband, Uriah, was fighting in David's army. He was out on the battlefield fighting the Philistines.

So David came up with a plan to cover up his sin.

David called for Uriah to come from the battlefield to the palace.

"Hello, Uriah," greeted David. "Tell me, how is the battle progressing?"
Uriah gave King David a report. 

In Samuel 11:8, David said, “Go down to your house.”
But Uriah didn’t go to his house. 

Uriah told David, “The ark and Israel and Judah are staying in tents.  How could I go to my house to eat, drink, and sleep with my wife?”

Uriah was so loyal to David that instead of going home to his wife, he slept on the porch of the palace!

David was frustrated. His plan was not working. He wanted Uriah to spend time with Bathsheba. Then everyone would think Bathsheba was carrying Uriah's baby. 

But Uriah didn't go home. He never even saw his wife.

David came up with another plan.  (2 Samuel 11:14, 15)

He would have Uriah killed in battle 

This displeased God. 

1.  David sinned by taking another man's wife.
2.  Then, he sinned by murdering her husband.
3.  To top it off, he tried to cover it all up so no one would know about iti 

Well, God knew. God did not let David's sin go unpunished (See 2 Samuel)

In today's lesson, we looked at David's KINDNESS to Mephibosheth and his SIN AGAINST God, Bathsheba, and Urian.


Here is an infographic that shows how to talk about this story to children of different ages (not cited because I cannot remember where I found it).  The summaries are not perfect, but they do show some age-appropriate differences in telling the story.   Click on the graphic for a better view.



Here's the lowdown:

David spied the married Bathsheba one afternoon while she was bathing in the courtyard, and he was instantly smitten. He sent for her and ultimately fathered her child. Then, because he wanted to marry Bathsheba, David set up her husband, a faithful soldier, to be killed on the battlefield. Afterward, the prophet Nathan told David of God's extreme displeasure with his actions, and David grew very remorseful.

God forgave him, but the newborn was stricken with disease and died.


King David was very rich and powerful. Once, he used his power to get a woman named Bathsheba to marry him, but that wasn't what God had planned. David used his power in a way that didn't make God very happy. When David realized what he did was wrong, he asked God to forgive him, and God did.


King David saw Bathsheba, who was very beautiful, fell in love with her right away.  He wanted to marry her, but she already had a husband. David didn't like that, so he arranged for Bathsheba's husband to be killed so that he could marry Bathsheba anyway. When this happened, God wasn't at all happy with David. When David realized that what he'd done was wrong, and he felt terrible about it. He asked God to forgive him, and God did.


King David saw Bathsheba one afternoon in the courtyard and instantly fell in love with her, He wanted to marry her, but the problem was Bathsheba already had a husband.

So David used his power to have her husband killed on the battlefield.

Then Bathsheba was all alone, and David could marry her. But the prophet Nathan told David how unhappy God was that he'd done an evil thing.  David grew very remorseful and begged God for forgiveness. God forgave him, but David's first child with Bathsheba died.

Friday, April 21, 2023

May 23

Tomorrow (Saturday), there will be some helps for you to talk about the 1st - 5th grade Children's Church lesson on David and Bathsheba 

Here are the workers for this Sunday!

April 23rd Servants


R. & R. Smiths


K. Banister, R Haigler, E Bacon

CC Opening

M. Hurd


D. Rodgers, M. Hurd, T Reyna


M. Bradley

 Here are the lessons for this Sunday.


  • Jesus Made Breakfast for His Friends
  • Jesus is living today as our Savior
  • John 21:1-14
  • Matthew 28:6

 PreK/ K

  • God Protected Moses
  • God’s plans can never be stopped
  • Exodus 1; 2:1-10
  • Psalm 115:3

 1st  SS

  • Jesus Promised to Come Again
  • Jesus promises to return to take us to be with Him.
  • John 14:1-6, 15-18; Acts 1:9-11
  • John 14:3

 2nd-3rd SS

  • Fear and Faith in Jericho
  • God supplies us with the strength and courage to do his will
  • Josh 1; 2
  • Joshua 1:9

 4th–5th SS

  • Stay Faithful
  • God wants us to be faithful to our promises
  • Ex 19:19; 20:14; Hos 2:13, 19, 20; 14

 1st–5th  CC

  • David’s Kindness and Sin
  • Because of who God is and what God says, treat others kindly, and when you don't repent.
  • 2 Sam 9; 11:1-12:25
  • 2 Sam 7:22,24, 25
  • For more on this lesson go to Saturday's post -

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Prayerful Speaking of God's Word

Tuesday's informal volunteer opportunity was talking with God - Prayer.

Today's Informal volunteer opportunity is talking with others.  Specifically, "the prayerful speaking of his word by one person to another.

Today's informal volunteer spotlight is on those who encourage others with God's word, whether that is after the service or throughout the week.  You are a blessing!

The extended quote below is taken directly from The Trellis and The Vine  by Colin Marshall, Tony Payne

Imagine a reasonably solid Christian said to you after church one Sunday morning, “Look, I’d like to get more involved here and make a contribution, but I just feel like there’s nothing for me to do. I’m not on the ‘inside’; I don’t get asked to be on committees or lead Bible studies. What can I do?” 

What would you immediately think or say?
Would you start thinking of some event or program about to start that they could help with?
Some job that needed doing?
Some ministry that they could join or support? 

This is how we are used to thinking about the involvement of church members in congregational life—in terms of jobs and roles: usher, Bible study leader, Sunday School teacher, treasurer, elder, musician, song leader, money counter, and so on. The implication of this way of thinking for congregation members is clear: if all the jobs and roles are taken, then there’s really nothing for me to do in this church. I’m reduced to being a passenger. I’ll just wait until I’m asked to ‘do something.’ The implication for the pastoral staff is similar: getting people involved and active means finding a job for them to do. In fact, the church growth gurus say that giving someone a job to do within the first six months of their joining your church is vital for them to feel like they belong. 

However, if the real work of God is people work—the prayerful speaking of his word by one person to another—then the jobs are never all taken. The opportunities for Christians to minister personally to others are limitless. 

So you could pause, and reply to your friend, “See that guy sitting over there on his own? That’s Julie’s husband. He’s on the fringe of things here; in fact, I’m not really sure whether he’s crossed the line yet and become a Christian. How about I introduce you to him, and you arrange to have breakfast with him once a fortnight [every two weeks] and read the Bible together? Or see that couple over there? They are both fairly recently converted and need encouragement and mentoring. Why don’t you and your wife have them over, get to know them, and read and pray together once a month? And if you still have time, and want to contribute some more, start praying for the people in your street, and then invite them all to a barbeque at your place. That’s the first step towards talking with them about the gospel, or inviting them along to something.” 

Of course, there’s every chance that the person will then say, “But I don’t know how to do those things! I’m not sure I’d know what to say or where to start.” 

To which you reply, “Oh, that’s okay. Let’s start meeting together, and I can train you.” 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

National Volunteer Week

The week of April 17 through 23 is National Volunteer Week. Over the next two weeks, we will look at ministry volunteers and opportunities at TBC.

Thank you to everyone who faithfully and compassionately serves those who attend Trinity!!
The work of the ministry in Ephesians 4:12 is not the work of the pastoral team. It is the work of the entire body of Christ building up the body of Christ. Those who serve in so many different areas have the opportunity to do what they are doing for the glory of God.

This post has an encouraging video for volunteers, a summer service opportunity, and a ministry area spotlight.

This 5-minute video from the Truth78 conference a couple of years ago is meant for those serving in the children's ministry. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO SERVE THE KIDS & FAMILIES in TBCGRKIDZ!!!

Service Opportunity: VBS 2023 is just over two months away.

There are many ways to help - group leaders and helpers, games, snacks, crafts, memory verses, and more. A great week of meeting new people, having fun with friends, and Standing Strong on THE Truth! To sign up go to

Service Spotlight: Different men teaching and helping in Sunday School and Children's Church. (Bob, Rob, Trevor, Ozzie, Ed, Dave, Joel, Geoffrey, David, Randy, and Eli) If your name should have been on this list and I am very sorry.

Each and every volunteer is appreciated. Our children need to see godly men serving the Lord and His church.

On a personal note: I am so thankful for Godly men who have helped me disciple my children. Two examples stand out in my mind. First, one of my seminary theology professors also served as Joel's cubbies leader on Wednesday nights. Second, I know of many men at Trinity and other churches who work hard at their 40+ hours a week job, and they still have the time, energy, and enthusiasm to serve Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and for a week at VBS. THANK YOU!!

Check back Thursday at 1:00 pm for the next Service Opportunity and Service Spotlight!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

A Crazy World BUT...

This is the first of a series of monthly posts on contemporary issues impacting families and children.  There are some planned topics for these posts.  You can also email Pastor Dave about possible topics.

Actually, the title of this post should be A Crazy World AND...

The AND... is God is Good and Sovereign.

This post is meant to provide two things:

  1. Some specific resources to help families in this crazy time.
  2. General encouragement as you live and parent in this day and age.


  • God Made All of Me: A Book to Children Protect Their Bodies.  

While this book “equip parents to build a first line of defense against sexual abuse in the safety of their own homes,”  it is helpful to for conversations with boys and girls about how God created their bodies.

  • God Made Boys and Girls: Helping Children Understand the Gift of Gender by Marty Machowski
"In a world where there is so much confusion about gender and identity, God Made Boys and Girls invites children; to understand that their gender is a gift from the God who made them and loves them."
  • Everyday Talk:  Talking Freely and Naturally about God with Your Children by John Younts


This post is a summary of the recent men’s conference.  Here is a summary of the answer I shared when one dad asked “With all of the things going on in the world around us, what advice do you have for families with young children?” 

Remember you are not the answer to your child's needs.  Jesus is.

I got a little emotional when answering this question because it is a question I struggle with as dad.  And I want to protect my kids.  I always need to be reminded that in this world my goal needs to be godly living for myself and my family.  Not necessarily easy or safe.  I want my children to grow in the hope they have in Jesus Christ because "he who promised is faithful (See Hebrews 10:23) 

I am not going to be able to help them through every problem, difficulty, challenges, and sin they will face but I can help them see how to love God more and live a godly life (See Hebrews 10:24).   

The “have an answer" in 1 Peter 3:15 needs to be read in the context of 1 Peter 3:13 - 18.  This answer is given in the midst of suffering.  The encouraging part is the answer is rooted in hope – Jesus Christ.  

The answer comes back to Jesus Christ every time. 


Sunday, April 9, 2023

March 9

This week's missionary/ministry is Faith In Deeds

Jesus Lives!

  • Jesus is living today as our Savior.
  • Matthew 28:1-8
  • Matt. 28;6

PreK/ K

  • Jesus Secured Deliverance
  • Jesus rose again to make deliverance from sin permanent
  • Matt 28:1-10; Luke 24:13-43
  • 1 Cor. 15:4

1st–5th  CC

  • 1 Cor. 15:3 - 4 

He Is Risen!  He Is Risen Indeed!!!

This morning in the 1st - 5th-grade group, we did the Easiest Easter Egg Hunt Ever! resurrection egg hunt.  

Now if you ask your 1st - 5th grader what this egg was, you may get some different responses...
Some might say "we did an Easter egg hunt."
Others might say "Nothing."

I want to let you know what we did and how you can use it to talk to your child/children.

We answered the question "Why is Easter on a different date each year?"  HINT:  It is based on the sun, the moon, Old Testament worship (Deuteronomy 6 and the Passover), and New Testament worship (Acts 20:7 and Jesus rising from the dead).

The kids learned how to draw 5 very important figures.

And finally we did the Easiest Easter Egg Hunt Ever using 1 Corinthians 5:3, 4 and a resurrection egg set.

There was singing praise to God throughout the time.

The kids brought home twelve parts of the Easter story from the Resurrection Eggs activity.  


Here is a pdf of the picture cards that we sent home with the kids this morning:
Here is a pdf resource with all kinds of plans, invite cards/posters and other things to do a resurrection egg hunt in your neighborhood next year.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

April 2

This week's missionaries are our retirees.


  • Jesus’ Friends Praised Him
  • Jesus deserves our praise
  • Luke 19:28-40
  • 1 John 4:19

 PreK/ K

  • Jesus Provided Deliverance
  • Jesus died to provide deliverance from sin.
  • Matt. 26:57-68; Luke 23:7-11
  • Acts 16:31

 1st  SS

  • Jesus Died for US
  • Jesus died for our sins so we might have eternal life
  • Matt 26:36-66; John 18:28-19:42
  • John 19:41, 42

 2nd-3rd SS

  • God is Unstoppable
  • God’s plan could never be stopped or changed.
  • Num 22-24
  • Num 23:19

 4th–5th SS

  • Remember Your Creator
  • God wants us to remember He is our creator
  • Ex 16: 20:8 – 11
  • Ex 20:8, 11

 1st–5th  CC

  • David’s Lesson & Saul Final Days
  • God graciously taches us to truth Him
  • 1 Samuel 27-32
  • 2 Sam 7:22,24