Friday, September 30, 2022

October 2

Toddler  SS
Jesus made a blind man see - Jesus helps us by His power.
The passage is John 9:1-7.  
The memory verse is Psalm 147:5

PreK/ K SS
God provided work - God gives us work as a way to honor him.
The passage is Gen 1:28, 29; 2:18, 20-25.  
The memory verse is Gen 2:15.

1st  SS
God gave grace - God’s grace is sufficient to cover all our sin
The passage is Genesis 2:8 – 3:24. 
The memory verse is Hebrews 9:22b

2nd-3rd SS
God’s grace rescued Noah - God’s grace in saving Noah help us understand salvation.
The passage is Genesis 6:1 – 9:17.  
The memory verse is Romans 6:23.

4th–5th SS
God created people - God created man & woman to be different and yet equal.
The passage is Genesis 1:26-29; 2:7-24.  
The memory verse is Genesis 1:27.

1st–5th  CC
God’s Promises to Joshua - God wants us to obey him without fear.
The passage is Joshua 1.  
The memory verse is Joshua 1:8,9

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Disciples Helping Disciples Make Disciples

God is doing amazing things at Trinity in so many different ways.  He is saving people, convicting individuals of sin, and providing opportunities to share Jesus Christ with others.
Another awesome work God is doing is bringing more and more people to 2050 Aberdeen on Sunday mornings.  It is exciting to meet and get to know new people AND it is great to continue building long time relationships.  Let's pray that God will use the relationships we build to bring him the glory He deserves.
With more people coming there are more opportunities to serve one another.  The nursery and children's ministry provides many different opportunities for people to serve at different levels, especially with more families coming.

At the Fall Kick-Off, I mentioned that these are not desperate cries for help for the desperately understaffed volunteers.
This is a call to those interested and able to help Trinity help equip parents as they and we disciple the children God brings to us.  Remember, Jesus saves and not you.

Some of the opportunities shared during Labor Day weekend are taken.  Thank you to those who are helping with these.

Know that if none of these specific opportunities work for you, there are opportunities to substitute teach or assist when needed.  

In the Nursery, there are a couple of opportunities.  If you are interested in these, subbing, or have questions about the nursery, contact Randy Smith 
  • 2nd Sunday monthly during Worship. Starting 10.9
  • 4th Sunday monthly During worship- we need 2 servants here, Garrett and Caitie Jones will look to take a couple of quarters off Starting 10.23
  • 5th Sunday PM service in October
With the children 2 years old and up, there are a couple of specific needs along with other places you could help if you are interested in helping in other areas.  Contact me, Pastor Dave, for more information.  
  • ONE person for the PreK - 5th grade Sunday School opening from 9:30 to 9:50.  This would be hanging out and supervising the children as the arrive and then at around 9:43 to 9:50, leading a short opening of a song or two and prayer.  The plan is an individual would do this a month at a time every 3 or 4 months.
  • Subbing for any or specific ages from 9:45 - 10:50 (Sunday School) OR 10:50 - 12:15 (Children's Church)
  • 5th Sunday Class Room leaders and assistants
At our Wednesday night, AWANA, they sometimes need help with listening to verses or other things.  Talk to Mike Guest to find out more.

Friday, September 23, 2022

September 25

Missionary Family Member - L
Toddler  SS
Jesus made a new friend - Jesus loves all people.
The passage is Luke 19:1-10.  
The memory verse is 1 John 4:8.

PreK/ K SS
God provided human life - God wants us to fellowship with him
The passage is Genesis 1:26, 27; 2:18-20, 25.  
The memory verses are Isaiah 45:11, 12

1st  SS
God holds everything together - God holds his creation together.
The passage is Genesis 1:1; Colossians 1:17; Hebrews 11:1-3.  
The memory verse is Colossians 1:17

2nd-3rd SS
God’s grace for Adam’s sin\- God offers saving grace to all sinners.
The passage is Genesis 2:9, 16, 17; 3:1-4:15.  
The memory verse is Romans 5:19

4th–5th SS
God Created the World - God created th
e world in six literal days.
The passage is Genesis. 1:1-25; 2:1-6.  
The memory verse is GentJ2:4

1st–5th  CC
Moses’ Death - God is faithful to his servants
The passage is Deuteronomy 32:48 – 34:12.  
The memory verse is Deuteronomy 6:4-6

Friday, September 16, 2022

September 18

This week's missionary focus is the Phillips 

Toddler  SS
Jesus cared for his friends - Jesus cares when we are sad.
The passage is John 11:1-3, 17-45.  The memory verse is 1 Peter 5:7

PreK/ K SS
God provided animal life - God made stars, plants, and animals to reveal his greatness
The passage is Genesis 1:14-25.  The memory verse is Psalm 146:6

1st  SS
God created Adam and Eve.  God personally relates to people
The passage is Genesis 1:26 – 2:25.  The memory verse is Genesis 1:27.

2nd-3rd SS
God made Adam and Eve.  God made people in his image.
The passage is Genesis 1:26 – 2:25.  The memory verse is Gen 1:27

4th–5th SS
God is perfect in Every Way.  God can do anything in accordance with His holiness.
The passage is Genesis 1:10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31; Isaiah. 6:1-8.  The memory verse Isaiah 6:3.

1st–5th  CC
Moses’ Song - God alone is worthy to be praised
The passage is Deuteronomy 31:14 – 32:47.  The memory verses Deuteronomy 6:4-6

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Family Singing

While the following article talks specifically to fathers,  It is a good article for any parent, grandparent, or spiritual parent, who wants to help kids grow closer to God.  Dad Enough to Sing

  • Song List for TBC's Children Church time (1st - 5th grade) 
  • Getty Summer Hymnal - Free resource with Youtube, Spotify, and pdf links to the hymns.
Share your questions, thoughts, and ideas in the Comments Section

Many resources are going to be shared in these links.  Please know that you don't need to do everything.  If you need help finding something for your family to do, please contact me (Pastor Dave) or someone else who could also provide godly counsel.
As you check out the resources linked in this and other posts, please use wisdom and discretion.  A link is not support of everything the individual has ever written or said.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Family Prayer

It also provides us with the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the passage.
 The health and needs of our church family
The health and needs section is where you might see the biggest
Supported Workers and Ministries
"The health and needs of our church family"
This is the section you will see the biggest change.  
Each week new requests will be highlighted.
The first section "Lord, we praise you for your unfailing love," will contain thank you's to God for how he has helped people.
The other two sections include people who need prayer.
In our family prayers,
  remember who we are praying to
  pray for our family
  pray for our church.  You can use the bulletin, the church directory, and the weekly prayer sheet to pray for individuals, ministry leaders, and the people attending events. 
  pray for extended family and neighbors
  remember who we are praying to - The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, The Sovereign, Holy One who is more than worthy of our worship.  We are not talking to a genie who should give us whatever we want

When you pray at meal times help your kids understand
this isn't merely an obligation we do before we eat
this is a worship opportunity - God, Thank you for all you provide including this food and ESPECIALLY Jesus Christ.

Pray Biblically focused prayers.  Praying the Bible by Don Whitney is a book to help with this discipline.  Pastor Dave has free copies of this book.  Contact him if you are interested in this book.

Another resource is TBC's Updated Prayer Sheet, which is designed to help our church pray at church and at home.
The front side of the prayer sheet has five parts.

1.  A column on the right side to write down additional requests and prayer information.

2.  "Sunday's Passage" reminds each of us to pray for...
Pastor Brett or whoever might be preaching that week 
those who will hear the sermon

3.  "Lord, we praise you" will have a monthly name or attribute of God.   
This provides us with some specific things about God to be thankful for as we pray.  

4.  "Requests for our church"
This general pray is designed as a prayer starter for all the ministries of TBC.  This prayer paired with the bulletin will help you know what to pray for and how to pray for the ministries at TBC. 

5.  "The health and needs of our church family"
The first line is an encouragement for each of us to get involved in the ministry of presence.  Pray for one another.  Check on one another.  Care for one another. 
This is the section where the biggest change is noticeable.  New requests will be in bold. The intention of this section is to help people grow in how they pray for one another. While you may not see the specific details for each person, you can pray that individuals would learn to trust in God more and more each day.  You can also send notes, texts, or emails of encouragement to people.

The second side, which is not pictured here because some of our missionaries are working in closed countries, focuses on supported workers, and volunteers, and praying the Bible.

Supported Workers and Ministries.
All of these individuals and ministries will be listed each week so you can pray for them.
About every two weeks, there is a new supported worker & ministries focus for the church. Each week will have some specific requests for that week's worker. 

"Church Leaders and Servants"
Remember to pray for the leaders and servants of TBC.  Pray for them as they lead TBC but also remember to pray for them as they lead in other parts of life.

"Praying the Bible"
During the summer we studied the Fighter Verses.  This section is going to be each week's Fighter Verses and a prayer based on that passage.

Share your questions, thoughts, and ideas in the Comments Section

Many resources are going to be shared in these links.  Please know that you don't need to do everything.  If you need help finding something for your family to do, please contact me (Pastor Dave) or someone else who could also provide godly counsel.
As you check out the resources linked in this and other posts, please use wisdom and discretion.  A link is not support of everything the individual has ever written or said.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Family Bible Reading

As I wrote in the previous post, during these formal family devotional/family worship times you have something specific and planned to talk about.  What is that specific, planned thing?

Here are two possible plans:

  1. A Bible reading plan.  Do something from youversion, Foundations, or Fighter Verses
  2. The teaching the kids and parents received at church that Sunday.  Remember don't just ask your children what they learned or were reminded of, share with them what you learned or were reminded of.  Also, Trinity wants to help you talk about your child's lessons which is why, each week, we share each week's lesson info.   Go to and click on the Weekly Lesson tab.
The time spent reading will vary depending on the stage of your family's life. 
Here are some resources to use:
  • The Bible 
  • Kid's Bible
    • Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones [review]
    • More than a Story by Sally Michael [description]
    • The Biggest Story:  Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung [description]
  • Helping Children Understand the Gospel by Sally Michael, Jill Nelson, and Bud Burk [description] [handout]
  • Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.  Read the book before watching a movie based on the book.
  • Missionary stories.  One series is Christian Heroes:  Then & Now [description]
  • Books that are not children's books.  As you read good books about the greatness of God, the power of the Gospel, and how to live out your Christian faith, talk to your kids about what you are learning.  Here are some books I have talked with my children about.
    • The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent.  
    • Dark Clouds, Deep Mercies by Mark Vroegopp
    • The Most Misused Verses in the Bible by Eric Bargerhuff
Share your questions, thoughts, and ideas in the Comments Section

Many resources are going to be shared in these links.  Please know that you don't need to do everything.  If you need help finding something for your family to do, please contact me (Pastor Dave) or someone else who could also provide godly counsel.
As you check out the resources linked in this and other posts, please use wisdom and discretion.  A link is not support of everything the individual has ever written or said.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Talk About God

A new ministry of Trinity Baptist Church recently started up.  Now before you think "I don't have time for another scheduled meeting," let me inform you that this new ministry "Trinity Life" is designed to be done at any time and anywhere.  It is a new podcast that informs, equips, and encourages the TBC family.

The first episode has the creative title "First Episode of Trinity Life."  Pastor Jason and I talk about the purpose and hope for this new ministry.

The second episode is "Talking about God with Our Children."  Pastor Jason talks with me about ways to talk about the Lord with our children in our homes. 

This post contains the resources mentioned in the podcast along with some additional resources.

We need to be talking about God in our homes.  There are different ways we can do this.  Two ways discussed in the podcast are formal and informal discussions and both are important. 

Formal times are when you have something specific and planned to talk about.  This may seem intimidating at first, especially if you haven't seen this modeled or done it yourself.  Two essential parts of this formal time are reading God's word and praying to God.  The third part you should include is singing praise to God.  I want to share some resources to help with each of these, especially the singing because this doesn't need to include a piano or music team.  Future posts will include resources for each of these areas.  YES!! You read that correctly David Rodgers will be offering singing tips.

I want to encourage families at TBC to have formal family time at least ONCE A WEEK.  
More would be better.
None is not good.
Once a week is something.
Informal times are often spontaneous and situation-focused.  They are when you take opportunities provided in life to talk about the things of God.  Some of these situations include but are not limited to times of discipline, disappointments, celebrations, and even entertainment.  Let me give specific examples of the last two.  
On birthdays I have tried to remind my kids "This day is not about you.  Today we are going to celebrate what God has done in your life this past year."  I want to teach my kids that each and every day, including their birthdays, are about God and His glory.
When we are watching a movie, TV show, or sports program, there is a good chance that something is going to come up that will provide opportunities to talk about God and Christian living.  A word of warning:  Don't try to dissect every word of dialogue, every commercial, and every action.  Choose your conversations wisely.   Mix in questions not just statements.  Sometimes don't say anything and let them think about what they heard or saw. 

Upcoming Posts that include specific resources:

Friday, September 9, 2022

September 11

On 9/11, here is an article entitled "How Can I Talk to My Kids About 9/11?"
Here is a quote that summarizes the article.  "We live in a fallen world where bad things happen.  But we also don't want our children to live in fear that terrorists lurk around every corner."

This week's missionary family is the Philips.

Toddler  SS
Jesus visited his friends - God wants us to be kind. 
The passage is Luke 10:38 – 42.  The memory verse is Eph. 4:32.

PreK/ K SS
God provided plant life - God designed the earth as the perfect plan to live.  
The passage is Gen. 1:1-13.  The memory verse is Gen. 1:1.

1st  SS
God made the universe - God created the world with awesome power.  
The passage is Gen 1:26 – 2:25.  The memory verse is Ps 147:5.

2nd-3rd SS
God created the world - God created the universe from nothing in 6 days.  
The passage is Gen 1:1-2:3.  The memory verse is Gen 1:31

4th–5th SS
God’s clear command - The trinity is worthy of our wholehearted love and devotion.  
The passage is Various Scriptures.  The memory verse is Deut. 6:4, 5.

1st–5th  CC
A New Leader - God’s presence with us gives us comfort and courage.  
The passage is Deut. 31:1-13.  The memory verse is Deut. 4:4-6.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

September 4

This week's supported worker is our missionary family.
At the beginning of this fall quarter, remember to pray for our missionaries and other supported workers.

Toddler  SS 
Friends brought a man to Jesus - God wants friends to help each other.  
The passage is Mark 2:1 - 12.  The memory verse is Eph. 4:32

PreK/ K SS - God provided His life - God never had a beginning and will never have an end.  
The passage is Ps 20:2, 4; Is. 40:28; Rev. 1:8.  The memory verse is Genesis 1:1.

1st  SS - God is holy - God is holy and completely separate from sin.  
The passage is Leviticus 19:2; Is 14:12-15;
Ex. 28:13-19; Rev 20:10.  The memory verse is 1 Tim 1:17.

2nd-3rd SS
God gave us his word - God’s Word tells us about God, His world, and life  
The passage is John 3:16; 2 Tim 3:15-17 James 1:122-25 2 Pet 1:21.  The memory verse is 2 Timothy 3:16.

4th–5th SS 
God without end - -God is eternal, existing outside the limits of time.  
The passages are Genesis Gen. 1:1; Ex 3:14; Ps 90:2; John 8:48-59.  The memory verse is Ps 90:2

1st–5th  CC
Learning God’s Way - God wants us to love him with all our hearts.  
The passage is Deuteronomy  6:1-9.  The memory verse is Deuteronomy 4:4-5

Good Song to connect with Deuteronomy 6:1 - 9.


VBS workers,

On this Labor Day weekend, I want to share this is much-belated THANK YOU for your work at VBS!  I believe I mentioned this before but I will say it again.  For the first time directing VBS,  I could not have had a better crew of co-workers serving the Lord with me.

Your enthusiasm and love for God and the kids was so evident.  From smiling faces to energetic singing at the beginning and the end of the night, it was so good to be a part of this ministry.

Your sacrificial service is much appreciated.  They were long days for you.  Whether you were coming from work to serve or you were taking kids home after a long night OR both, please know your sacrifice of time and energy did not go unnoticed.  

Teachers and station leaders, your preparation for lessons, games, crafts, snacks, and Bible memory is time well spent.  Parents from Trinity, other churches, and no church home, expressed their thanks for what their children learned and did doing the week.


An additional thanks!
Brad Smith, from Alpha Grand Rapids, recorded this
VIDEO specifically to say thank you to Trinity Baptist Church for the donation money raised during our VBS.