VBS 2022

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To register your child or volunteer to serve go to tbcgrkidz.myanswers.com/zoomerang/

Please PRAY and PARTICIPATE to share Jesus Christ and the truth of God's Word with 100 kids and encourage their families. 


Here are some specific ways to pray adapted from an article entitled 5 Ways to Pray for Your VBS.

  • Pray for open hearts.  "Ask God to begin preparing kids' hearts, softening them, and opening them to take in the "seeds" of God's Word.
  • Pray for relationships.  "Ask God to bring a special, surprising friendship into that child's life during VBS.
  • Thank God for families.  "Thank God for parents, grandparents, or even babysitters who love him and want kids to know and love him, too"  Also, ask God to move in the hearts of parents, grandparents, and even babysitters who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Pray that he will use the verses used at VBS to show them their need for Jesus.
  • Pray for wise staff members.  "Ask God to pour his wisdom into leaders as they interact with kids, giving them the right words and actions to reflect the heart of God."
  • Listen.  "Spend several minutes in silence, listening for the plans God has for your VBS. His plans may be a little different from yours! Maybe you want huge numbers…but God just wants a certain person to be there. You may have visions of everything running perfectly…but God is going to do amazing things through 'imperfect' circumstances. Rest in God’s hands, and give your program to him."


For more about volunteering, go to tbcgrkidz.myanswers.com/zoomerang/volunteer/

.  For now, know that there are places for everyone to PARTICIPATE.  Here are some areas.

  • Prayer partners
  • Teachers
  • Helpers
  • Set-up / Clean-up 
  • Snack organizers and helpers
  • Meal preparers

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