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Friday, October 1, 2021

Lessons for October 3

Each Friday morning, the lessons that will be taught on Sunday will be posted here at

You can read through the Bible stories before Sunday or you can see the basics of what your child did each Sunday.

This week's Missionary is the Phillips family.

This week's lessons and memory verses are

  • Toddler - God’s Rainbow Promise
  • Kindergarten - King Saul’s Leadership - 1 Samuel 12:23
  • 1  Sunday School - Jesus’ storm illustration - Matthew 8:27
  • 2/3  Sunday School Greedy King Saul disobeyed - 1 Samuel 15:22b, 23a
  • 4/5 Sunday School  - God deserves our trust - Psalm 57:4, 5
  • 1th – 5th C.C. - The First Sin - Romans 5:19

Family Connection Point - If there is a strong connection between the sermon and one of the Children's ministry lessons, it will be noted here so families can talk about it at home.

What is repentance and why do we need to repent?

In today's passage in Acts 2 and the sermon, we were told to "Repent and be baptized."
In today's 1st through 5th children’s church lesson, the kids learned about original sin in Genesis 3.  You can ask them what total depravity means.

Truth 78, a children's ministry website shared a helpful article entitled Helping Children Understand "Repent and Believe."

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