Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Advent 2021

1st of 2 Intro to Advent posts

Below is an article about Christmas pitfalls.  The first line is "It's Christmastime again."
Some of you Thanksgiving purists, you know who you are - no Christmas songs or decorations until Black Friday, may be upset by that opening  : )
But know this I am sharing this article to help people get ahead of Christmas busyness.

For those who are not Thanksgiving purists,  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  FELIZ NAVIDAD!!  and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  Oh, is that too soon.

Three Christmas Pitfalls for Parents
It’s Christmastime again, and if you’re a parent you may be having familiar conversations about gift-giving, consumerism, and the cross. Discipling children through the Christmas season is challenging. Our lists of errands are as endless as the number of cookies we hope to bake. With teachers to honor, traditions to uphold, parties to attend, and all the gifts to buy and eventually wrap, the physical demands can overshadow spiritual needs.
If we want to give our children the gift of clearer gospel understanding this Christmas we must put more thought into how we lead them than we put into buying gifts and making Pinterest crafts. How should we shepherd our kids through a season laden with greed? Should we give one present per child, tithe in their honor, or stop giving gifts completely? As you think and pray through how to answer these questions for your family, consider three Christmas pitfalls that I’ve commonly observed parents pondering.
Here are the 3 pitfalls with a couple of the main points.
Pitfall 1: How can I keep the world from hijacking Christmas?
The world doesn't define our celebration; we do, in obedience to God. 
 So when the world publicly hijacks our holiday, peacefully take it right back within your home and community by teaching, showing love, and shining Christ’s light to everyone around.
Instead of fearing the world, teach your children to engage culturally for the spread of the gospel.
Pitfall 2: Why should I give my kids gifts when they dont need or deserve them?
Giving presents can demonstrate the greater spiritual truths in a tangible way.
God gave us the gift of Christ—his birth, his death, and his resurrection—by graceAll gifts we place under the tree should be given in the same manner we’ve received Christ: freely.
Give gifts in an effort to cultivate a worshipful longing for Christ’s return.
Pitfall 3: How do I teach my kids to love Jesus more than Christmas presents? 
Salvation is the only gift that will eternally satisfy our longings. Don’t shame your children when you sense their greed; teach them. 
If you are tempted to make wild changes to your Christmas giving (scrapping all presents), pause. Realize you can’t shock children into godliness. 
Don’t shame your children for loving presents more than Jesus; help them to understand what the baby in the manger means and why we anticipate his return.
Starting December 1, there will be daily posts based on Paul Tripp's Advent book Come Let Us Adore Him.

Here is a video explaining the basic theme of the book.

While you don't need a copy of the book for the posts, it will definitely help you dig deeper into each day.
You can order the book through 
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