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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Lessons for December 19

This week’s missionaries is the Mayo's

The lessons and memory verses…

  • Toddler - Angels celebrated Jesus - Luke 2:11
  • Kinder - Mary praised Jesus - John 3:16
  • 1  S.S. - Christ’s royal line continued - Deut. 7:9a
  • 2/3  S.S. - Ahab paid for stealing - Hebrews 13:5
  • 4/5 S.S. - The Word chose followers - John 1:36, 37
  • 1th – 5th C.C. – A Very Necessary Gift – Romans 5:19 - see talking points below

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1th – 5th C.C. Notes on A Very Necessary Gift Lesson

This lesson is very similar to the sermon preached in the morning service.

The text is Romans 5:12 - 19 and the memory verse is Romans 5:19.

Here is what the kids did in Children's Church 
this morning.

Here are a couple of things you can talk to your 1th – 5th grader about.  Actually you can talk with all the kids about these things.


  • Talk with the kids about gifts.
  • Gifts that you were very excited about receiving.
  • Gifts that you were not sure what they were when you received them.
  • Gifts that you were not excited about at first but then grew to love.
  • Gifts that were necessary.  (Clothes, school supplies)
  • The difference between gifts you want and gifts you need.

SOME of the sin problems between Adam and Moses (this is a review of what we have studied in children's church since September):

  • What is the sin problem in Genesis 3, the Fall of Man?  Not believing and doing what God said “Don’t eat from the one tree.”
  • What is the sin problem in Genesis 4, Cain and Abel?  Killing someone.
  • What is the sin problem in Genesis 6?  Evil thoughts and intentions (Gen. 6:6)
  • What is the sin problem is Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel?  Making a name for themselves instead of God.  (Gen. 11:4)  Being more concerned about themselves than God.
  • What is the sin problem in Job?  The problem here is the death and suffering that is in the world because of sin.


  • We sin because we are sinners.
  • There are a lot of things you want.  There are a lot of things you think you need.  There is only one thing that is VERY NECESSARY – JESUS.

An activity you can do is a scavenger hunt related to the sin study

  • Fruit – genesis 3
  • Fruit and meat – genesis 4
  • boat or animal  – Genesis 6
  • Building block – Genesis 11
  • Mask, band-aid, other objects that show sickness, suffering – the book of Job 

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