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January 2

This week’s missionaries our Missionary Family
The lessons and memory verses…

  • Toddler - Wise men followed a star - Luke 2:40
  • Kinder - Worshipping the King - 1 John 4:9
  • 1  S.S. - God gave to generous Hannah - 1 Sam. 12:24a
  • 2/3  S.S. - Elisha revealed God’s heart - Lamentations 3:24
  • 4/5 S.S. - The Word quenches thirst - John 4:14
  • 1st – 5th - C.C. - Power beyond belief
In the 1st - 5th grade Children's Church class we were going to do the last lesson on Job before transitioning next week into the God working through Abraham.

If you want to go through the Job lesson with your family, here are some activities and questions.

A family activity:
  1. Gather some of the following:
    • metal cans of vegetables, soups, or baked beans
    • hardcover books
    • 5 pounds and less hand weight
    • a stopwatch 
  2. Have your kids hold their arms straight out with weights in their hands.
  3. Start the stopwatch and time who can keep their arms out the longest
  4. Transition to the lesson:
    • In this week's Children's Church lesson, you were going to get a small glimpse of God's strength by examining two fantastic animals He created.  God showed these animals to Job so that he might gain an understanding of just how great and powerful God is.  God wanted Job to fully rely on Him and look to Him for strength.

Our last lesson from Job reminded us that God ordered the universe and provided for life by His wisdom.

This week's lesson theme is God is infinitely more powerful than people. 

Read Job 40:15 - 24 and look at the description of the behemoth.
Ask "what does the behemoth sound like?"
This animal is huge.  
Answers in Genesis article:

Read Job 41:1, 2, 8 - 23 and look at the description of the leviathan.
This beast will never be captured or contained.
"What does the leviathan look like?"
"What is man's reaction to leviathan?"

Read Job 42
Ask "What is Job's response to the behemoth and the leviathan?"
Remember that God is God and there is no one like Him.

Application question:
How should this big truth, impact how you pray?

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