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April 10

Trinity families,

There are some specific family notes for Children's Church (1st -5th grade) at the end of this post.

Supported Workers for this week are the McMasters in Brazil

This post includes the weekly class information:  Age group / Title / Theme / Passage / Memory Verse

Jesus’ triumphal entry
Jesus deserves our praise
Matthew 21:1 – 9
Ps 9:1

The Friend in the Fire  - 
Jesus, our Friend, is with us all the time
Daniel 3
Ps 56:3

1st Grade Sunday School
Jesus’ lesson on Life and Death
Jesus came from God to give us life
John 11:1-44
John 11:25

 2nd & 3rd Grade Sunday School
Jesus condemns hypocrisy
Jesus’ true followers worship Him from their hearts.
Mark 2:13-17; 3:1-6
Mat 15:8 

4th & 5th Grade Sunday School
Praise the Commander
Acts 16:9-40
Acts 16:25 

Children’s Church (1st – 5th)
Joseph is falsely accused
Genesis 39
Genesis 50:20

In Children's Church (1st - 5th grade) were are learning about the life of Joseph and our memory verse for the next couple of weeks is Genesis 50:20.

Today, we also took a little time outside of the planned lesson to talk about Lament Prayer and Lament Psalm.

Four points of Lament Prayers/Psalms  are
  1. Turn to God - address God
  2. Complain - state your case -  Biblical complaints express that part of the problem is you actually believe the promises of God but the present situation makes it hard to make sense of things.
  3. Ask - make your request
  4. Trust - express trust and praise
An example of a Lament Psalm is Psalm 22, which has a connection with this week.

I have posted about lament and a helkpful book on lament, Dark Cloud, Deep Mercies, HERE.

Take some time this week to talk with your 1st - 5th grader about the story of Joseph and what we can do when things don't go the way we expect.

You can connect the Children's Church (1st - 5th) lesson with Pastor Brett's sermon through this quote. "We must always interpret our circumstances by His love not interpret His love by our circumstances."

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