Friday, May 27, 2022

Fighter Verses

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Trinity Baptist Church's combined Adult Sunday School class is going to be a little different than previous summer studies.  It is my prayer that the phrase "a little different" doesn't make you want to run away scared.  

During the last couple of summers, we studied different themes like the Holiness of God.
This summer we are going to do a Scripture Memory program.  

Now I want to explain why we are doing a scripture memory this summer.  Some of the reasons are Biblical and some are practical.

  1. It is important to hide God's word in your heart (Psalm 119:11).  The study begins with memorizing a couple of very familiar verses and the second part focuses on memorizing an entire Psalm, Psalm 91. 
  2. As a church family, we need to be encouraging one another with Biblical truth (Ephesians 5:19) and this study will provide common scriptures for Trinity to encourage one another with.
  3. With summer travel, a study like this provides the opportunity for you and your family to keep up with the Sunday School study even when you are away.  Two different things you can do each week whether you are in class or not are memorize the verse and read the Fighter Verse devotional for that week (  You can even sign up to receive each week's devotional through email.
  4. Individual families can make time to talk about the verses.  This scripture memory study is not only for the adults.  The 2-year-old through 5th-grade class will be doing the same study.  Also, the teens can easily memorize the verses and do the devotional.  The study will provide resources, like four weeks of a parents/kids class time in July, to help families talk about the verses.

The Fighter Verses Program is designed to prepare you for the fight of faith, and equip you to stand against unbelief and sin.  We want to encourage one another by memorizing God's Word with the goal of unity, maturity, and perseverance in the faith.

It is my prayer that this class will help...
individuals grow as they hide God's word in their hearts.
families grow together as they learn, talk about, and pray the Word of God together.
Trinity Baptist Church encourage one another with common verses.

On top of the official Fighter Verse devotionals, there will be a Trinity specific resource post on this blog.  Click on Fighter Verses in the Label section or click HERE

Pastor Dave

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