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Monday, June 13, 2022

VBS First Night

Our first night of Vacation Bible School is done.
We will post some pictures from the evening in tomorrow night's post.

We are rasising money to help Alpha Grand Rapids!   

To find out more about Alpha go to
I forgot to mention it tonight but will be sure to remind the kids tomorrow to see what extra chores or work they can do to earn some money to help with Alpha.  

We learned a great Bible truth - Psalm 139:14

We learned about how creative mankind can be by looking at the Sydney Opera House and oraange peels and also the Point Moore Lighthouse.  The front of the chapel has reminders of these two buildings.

The architect was inspired by peeled oranges.  Read about it HERE

We learned about an "ugly" animal - the blobfish.  God designed this fish in an "ugyly" but beautiful way.

As I watched this science video, I couldn't help but be amazed at God's creation.

We learned about the amazing creation of the human body.

About the smallest bone in the human body!  It is in the ear and is the sixe of a grain of rice.
About the quart of mucus the human nose produces! 
About praising God because he made our amazing bodies. 
Talk to your child about things we can praise God for like taste, hearing, and our bones.

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