Wednesday, June 15, 2022

VBS Third Night

Each kid went home with a piece of sidewalk chalk.  They were challenged to share some encouragement with their neighborhood.  Here are some ideas:  a Bible verse learned at VBS, a picture of God's amazing creation, 

If your child draws something and you email it to me at dave @ or post OR share it on facebook using @trinitybaptistgr , before 4:00, it will be part of tomorrow night's slide show.  Be sure to include their name.

O.K.  Breaking News from Trinity Baptist Church!!!!

The GIRLS WON!!!!!


Tonight the kids heard the GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL and the fact that there are two ways to live!!!

There are two ways to live. Taken from Two Ways to Live and for kids Who Will Be King? and 

You can say "NO" to God, and keep pretending to be your own king - but God will punish you by shutting you out of his good kingdom forever.  BUT if you do that, you won't win, because God is God.

Or you can say "Sorry" to God (REPENT), start living with Jesus as your king (TRUST AND OBEY), and enjoy being in God's kingdom forever.  God will forgive you and welcome you as his friend. Because Jesus died to take your punishment, God promises that he won't be angry with you anymore.  You will be with God in His good kingdom forever.  

 The booklet concludes with how to respond. 

    • Say SORRY to God for not treating him as your king (Repent of your sin) 

    • Say THANK YOU u to God for sending Jesus to die so that you could be forgiven  

    • Ask God to PLEASE forgive you, and help you to live with Jesus as your king.  You can trust Jesus. 

 We gave out a "Who will be king?" booklet to some of the parents.  Talk through the verses and the message inside

Here are some pictures from the third night and a link to the Trinity Baptist Church Facebook page that has A LOT more. - 

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