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Friday, August 5, 2022

August 7

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The Supported Ministry this week is

Toddlers:  Timothy Learned God’s Word – God wants us to learn God’s Word.  The passage is 2 Timothy 1:5; 3:15.  The memory verse is 2 Timothy 3:15.

4 & 5-year-olds:  God protects His missionaries – God shows His power in the lives of missionaries.  The passage is Acts 27.  The memory verse is Mark 16:20

1st - 5th:  Mose’s Strike out – God wants us to obey Him with a submissive attitude.  The passage is Numbers 20:1 – 13.  The memory verse is Psalm 25:4, 5.

Fighter Verses:  Psalm 91:9 - 10

Because you have made the LORD your dwelling place
—the Most High, who is my refuge— 
no evil shall be allowed to befall you, 
no plague come near your tent.

BIG IDEA:  God takes good care of his children.

Prayer based on Psalm 91:9-10:

Lord, Gods,
My dwelling place,
My refuge,
Your word says that in this world we will have trouble
But you have overcome the world.

Ultimately, you will not allow evil to befall us.  Thank for your protection and help us remember what you have given us.

In Psalm 91:1 – 8, the psalmist says that his experiences living in God’s presence have given him full assurance that nothing can destroy the relationship and protection he has with the Almighty.  He gives us examples of many kinds of enemies, calamities, and situations that might try to move us into giving way to fear, but in the end, we will still be safe and the wicked will receive their punishment.  In verses 9 – 13, the writer reiterates that, from his place of safety in the LORD’s presence, he does not need to fear the problems that will occur in his life.  Neither do we if we dwell securely in the Almighty.  This section of the psalm mirrors what the writer said in verses 1 – 8. 
From Fighter Verses Discussion Guide

Here are a couple of activities you and your family can do.

Get To Safety:
    • Draw pictures of a shelter and hang them on the wall
    • Choose someone to be blindfolded, then spin them in the center of the room, & start a timer.
    • Adults will give commands to direct the blindfolded person to touch the shelter of safety (like "take 3 steps forward").
    • As the blindfolded child gets closer, the adults can be more specific like, “Lift your arms about eye-level.”
    • Once the blindfolded child touches the “shelter,” make note of how long it took.
    • Give them the opportunity to perform the same activity by giving adults the directions.
    • Talk about how it feels to reach your safe place. 

A place of Safety 
  • If you have an aquarium of fish, be prepared to talk about what you have learned while observing and caring for them  OR other fishbowl related activities. 
    • Why is water the safest place of the fish? 
    • What would be the greatest danger to the fish?  [to be left unattended out of the water for more than three or four minutes] 
    • Who is responsible for feeding, caring for them and for their safety? 
    • What will eventually happen to all fish? 

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