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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Family Prayer

It also provides us with the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the passage.
 The health and needs of our church family
The health and needs section is where you might see the biggest
Supported Workers and Ministries
"The health and needs of our church family"
This is the section you will see the biggest change.  
Each week new requests will be highlighted.
The first section "Lord, we praise you for your unfailing love," will contain thank you's to God for how he has helped people.
The other two sections include people who need prayer.
In our family prayers,
  remember who we are praying to
  pray for our family
  pray for our church.  You can use the bulletin, the church directory, and the weekly prayer sheet to pray for individuals, ministry leaders, and the people attending events. 
  pray for extended family and neighbors
  remember who we are praying to - The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, The Sovereign, Holy One who is more than worthy of our worship.  We are not talking to a genie who should give us whatever we want

When you pray at meal times help your kids understand
this isn't merely an obligation we do before we eat
this is a worship opportunity - God, Thank you for all you provide including this food and ESPECIALLY Jesus Christ.

Pray Biblically focused prayers.  Praying the Bible by Don Whitney is a book to help with this discipline.  Pastor Dave has free copies of this book.  Contact him if you are interested in this book.

Another resource is TBC's Updated Prayer Sheet, which is designed to help our church pray at church and at home.
The front side of the prayer sheet has five parts.

1.  A column on the right side to write down additional requests and prayer information.

2.  "Sunday's Passage" reminds each of us to pray for...
Pastor Brett or whoever might be preaching that week 
those who will hear the sermon

3.  "Lord, we praise you" will have a monthly name or attribute of God.   
This provides us with some specific things about God to be thankful for as we pray.  

4.  "Requests for our church"
This general pray is designed as a prayer starter for all the ministries of TBC.  This prayer paired with the bulletin will help you know what to pray for and how to pray for the ministries at TBC. 

5.  "The health and needs of our church family"
The first line is an encouragement for each of us to get involved in the ministry of presence.  Pray for one another.  Check on one another.  Care for one another. 
This is the section where the biggest change is noticeable.  New requests will be in bold. The intention of this section is to help people grow in how they pray for one another. While you may not see the specific details for each person, you can pray that individuals would learn to trust in God more and more each day.  You can also send notes, texts, or emails of encouragement to people.

The second side, which is not pictured here because some of our missionaries are working in closed countries, focuses on supported workers, and volunteers, and praying the Bible.

Supported Workers and Ministries.
All of these individuals and ministries will be listed each week so you can pray for them.
About every two weeks, there is a new supported worker & ministries focus for the church. Each week will have some specific requests for that week's worker. 

"Church Leaders and Servants"
Remember to pray for the leaders and servants of TBC.  Pray for them as they lead TBC but also remember to pray for them as they lead in other parts of life.

"Praying the Bible"
During the summer we studied the Fighter Verses.  This section is going to be each week's Fighter Verses and a prayer based on that passage.

Share your questions, thoughts, and ideas in the Comments Section

Many resources are going to be shared in these links.  Please know that you don't need to do everything.  If you need help finding something for your family to do, please contact me (Pastor Dave) or someone else who could also provide godly counsel.
As you check out the resources linked in this and other posts, please use wisdom and discretion.  A link is not support of everything the individual has ever written or said.

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