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October 30


Toddler  SS
Jesus made a deaf man hear
Jesus helps us with His power.
Mark 7:31-37
Psalm 51:8

PreK/ K SS
God’s grace for the world
God’s promises always come true
Gen 8:1-9:17
Ps 89:34

1st  SS
God accomplished his will
God is worthy of our faith and obedience

Gen 27:1 – 40
Heb 11:1

2nd-3rd SS
God chose Jacob over Esau
God is worthy of our trust no matter our circumstances
Gen 25:19-34; 27
Jer 17:7, 8a

4th–5th SS
Fallout of Adam’s Sin
God cursed Adam and Eve for disobeying Him.
Gen. 3:1-19
Rom 5:12

1st–5th  CC
Two Battles with Ai
God wants us to take his commands seriously
Josh 7;8
In Children's Church we reviewed last week's verse Joshua 1:8 and 9.

The scheduled verse for this week's lesson was Joshua 23:14b

"you know in all your hearts and in all your souls that  
not one word of all the good words  
which the Lord your God spoke 
concerning you has failed;  
they all have been fulfilled for you, 
not one of them has failed

This memory verse reminds the Israelites of what they should already know.
God is faithful and He never fails.
Not one of God's words have failed.
Use the content and the truth in this verse to help your child see that their hope must be in the Lord, who is faithful.

During the lesson, we talked about the fact that it is a sin to do something God told you not to do.
Whether that is taking a Golden Oreo you were told not to take (our in-class example) OR taking gold, silver, and clothes that God told you not to take from a fallen city (our Bible example).

Achan saw gold, silver, and clothes.
Achan coveted gold, silver, and clothes.
Achan stole gold, silver, and others.
Achan used deception and hid the gold, silver, and clothes.
Achan had to be punished for his sin and he was stoned.

If I am a child of God, Jesus Christ has taken my sin upon himself.
If I am not a child of God, I will be punished for eternity.  

Also, our sin impacts other people.

This link was added on November 3 - A post specifically about teaching difficult stories like Achan to kids -

Our study Joshua continues to remind us that our victory is in the Lord. 

Contents of the Bag that went home with kids today

  • 8 Tips for Helping Your Child Worship pdf.  This is to help prepare for next week's Kids in Church Sunday.
  • Joshua 1:9 Reminder card
  • Memory Sticks for the first six.  This is a starter craft you can do with your children.  Finish the rest of the Old Testament books.  Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to work on memorizing the Old Testament books. 

 After Sunday School, be sure to pick up your 1st - 5th grader child from their classroom.  They will be in the service with their parents for the entire service.
Kids’ sermon notes will be provided next Sunday morning.

NOW, there is a general KIDS IN CHURCH post up now, explaining some of the basics on why we are doing this, how to prepare your kids, what to expect, and questions to ask.

THURSDAY, there will be a guide and sermon notes page for next Sunday’s passage.

 **  If you are a parent serving in children’s ministry next week please let Pastor Dave know and we will make arrangements.  **

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