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Friday, December 30, 2022

Jan 1 2023

Happy New Year

This week's Fighter Verse is Joshua 1:9


David loved God
God wants us to love Him.
1 Samuel 16:1-13
1 Jn 4:11

PreK/ K
Jesus is worthy of sacrifice
Jesus is worthy of our sacrifice and service
Matt 2:12
Lk 2:11

1st  SS
Jesus was praised
Jesus came to earth to provide redemption for sin
Luke 2:21-38
Luke 2:11

2nd-3rd SS
God is true
God is the only true, living God
Ex 7:14 – 10:29
Ps 86:8

4th–5th SS
Abraham’s Call and Covenant
God faithfully keeps his promises
Gen 11:1 – 12:8
Gen 12:1, 3

1st–5th  CC
Jephthah:  Rejected & Selected
God values our willingness to serve Him.
Judges 10:6 – 11:28, 32, 33
Judges 10:15, 16

God wants our service but doesn't need us and our service.

While Japhthah service was not perfect, throughout his life, he knew God was the one who did the work!

New song we are introducing to the kids.

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