Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Class Expectations


Thank you Brianna De Man for creating this graphic and
Bonnie Tanner, from West Cannon Baptist Church
for sharing the expectations.

Recently, I have been taking time to remind the 1st through 5th graders of some classroom expectations. 
These seven expectations are meant to be used through each age group.  Different classrooms may have specific rules but at the heart of specific rules are these expectations for every child.  We believe children should behave like each of these.

The foundation of the five expectations on the chart is GLORIFYING GOD.  Children should enter not just the class, but also every day, with the prayerful desire to glorify God, not self, in everything they do.  While it seems like the common response.  Prayer is the first action step.  Asking God to help you live for him is the best first step.
  1. Respecting others.  We all are created in the image of God.  This expectation is built on this universal truth.
  2. Listening politely.  When others are talking, whether it is a teacher or another child, you need to give people your attention and respectfully listen.
  3. Obeying your teacher.  Teachers and leaders have a God-given role of leadership in a children's life.  Obedience shows trust in God's sovereignty in all circumstances.
  4. Participating appropriately.  A Sunday School or Children's Church class should provide opportunities for the children to talk and share but this must be done at the proper time. 
  5. Respecting church property.  God has provided Trinity with a great building and great supplies.  Treating each of these things respectfully demonstrates a thankfulness to God.
The best way to evaluate your heart and your actions is to ask if you are GLORIFYING GOD.  The glorifying God expectation is a great way to finish a shift at work or a class at school.  Discussion after Sunday School or Children's Church should begin with something like "What did you learn about God?"  or "Because of who God is, what should you do?"
Thank you for the opportunity to help you as parents or guardians of the children God brings to Trinity Baptist Church.
We do these things to help you disciple your children, whatever stage of life that is.

Over the next couple of months, the teachers and leaders will be talking about how to even more so encourage God-glorifying actions in the kid's classes at church, their homes and wherever else God would have them.

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