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Friday, January 6, 2023

Jan 8 2023

Toddler  David cared for his sheep  God is pleased when we are helpful  1 Sam 16:11, 19; 2 Sam 7:8; Psalm 23:2  Gal 6:10 

PreK/ K  

God selected Rebekah 

God answers our prayers 

Genesis 24 

1 Jn 5:14 

1st  SS 

Jesus was worshiped 

Jesus is worthy of our worship and devotion 

Matt 2:1-12 

1 Chn 16:29 

2nd-3rd SS 

God is redeemer 

God offers us redemption for our sins. 

Ex 11, 12 

Eph 1:7 

4th–5th SS 

Abraham’s Laughter 

God’s faithfulness is not limited by circumstances 

Gen 17:1 – 18:15 

Gen 18:14a 

1st–5th CC 

Samson’s Strength 

God gives us the ability to do His will 

Judges 13-15 

Judges 10:15, 16 

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