Thursday, December 28, 2023

KIDZ in Church Golden Chain

This Sunday, December 31st, is KIDZ in Church Sunday.  First through fifth graders will be in church with their families.  HERE is the kids' sermon note page that will be available on the round table outside the auditorium.

HERE is the “answer key.”  

This post contains a couple of general help for kids and parents to prepare for any Kids in Church Sunday and some specific help for this week's sermon.

BEFORE the Sunday morning service:

  • First BIG reminder: preparation for meeting with the church on Sunday morning begins Saturday night.  Get a good night's rest.  If possible, put out the clothes the family will be wearing.  
  • Read the passage; this week is Romans 8:29-30 and surrounding verses. 
  • Pray for Pastor Brett and any of the people you will meet.

 AT the church building BEFORE the service starts:

  • Encourage your children to greet and talk with people, assuming you arrived before the meeting time started.  
  • Pick up a note sheet before entering the auditorium.
DURING the service:
  • Parents model the behavior of an active worshiper during the service.  Sing. Pray.  Read along in your Bible as passages are read.  Actively listen (i.e., lean in, don't doze off, open the Bible)
  • Guide your child when needed with a point to the passage or note sheet or a quiet word to help with focus.
8 Tips for Helping Your Child Worship 
(click on the image for the full document)

Sunday's Sermon

The kids' sermon note page has some fill-in-the-blanks, a Word Tracker activity - comfort or encouragement, and a coloring page on the back.  
As Pastor Brett mentioned in the sermon, we can get caught up in debates about all these deep terms, but we need to remember Paul wrote this passage to encourage struggling believers.  

This article, Talking with Your Children About Predestination, does not offer any easy answer to questions about this doctrine, but it does offer the story of the writer growing through conversation and thinking about who God is.

This song, The God of Wow, is about how great and different than us God is.  One line that is especially challenging but true is, "Inviting me to come to You.  Inconceivable, but true."  It is a "rocky" song but full of WOW!

Here is the hard truth - this is a hard passage to understand for adults.
Here is the basic truth - God is the one who saves because of who He is.  We cannot save ourselves.

Pray your children will understand and grow in their understanding of how great God is.

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