Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March 24, 2024

This week's supported ministry is Alpha Grand Rapids

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
Jesus deserves our praise
Matthew 21:1 – 9; Psalm 9:1

PreK/ K
God cared for an enemy
God’s love extends to all people, even enemies.
2 Kings 5:1 – 15
John 3:16

1st  SS
Jesus’ Lesson on Life and Death
Jesus came from God to give us life.
John 11:25

2nd-3rd SS
Jesus has power over creation
Jesus directs His creation to accomplish His will.
Matt 14:22-33; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 5:1-11
Col 1:16, 17

4th–5th SS
Surrender Control
God gave us the Spirit to help us obey Him.
Jn 14:16-18; Acts 3; 4
Acts 1:8

1st–5th  CC
Suffering for the Sake of the Gospel
God calls us to serve Him sacrificially.
Acts 13:13 – 14:28
Acts 14:21a, 22

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