Thursday, December 16, 2021

Advent Day 16 - Suffering

The suffering of Jesus didn't begin on the cross; it began in his straw bed and continued through to the cross, all for our redemption.

For further study:  Luke 24:24-25; 46-49

For parents and children:  Ask your children to talk about what it means to suffer.  Ask them why we all do everything we can to avoid suffering.  Then tell them that the Christmas story is about Jesus being willing to come to earth to suffer, not because he deserved it, but because he loves us and was willing to suffer for our acceptance and forgiveness.

"Since ge came to rescue sufferers, it was essential that he suffer too.  And his suffering wasn't reserved for the cross; it started the moment he was born."

"Jesus exposed himself to our world, to live as we could not live, so that as the rigtheous One, he could pay the penalty for our sin and give us not only peace with God, bua ticket to a future where suffering would be no more."

"Commit yourself this Christmas to be a sad celebrant.  Let your joy at what your Savior has gifted you with be mixed with grief at what it cost Jesus."

For the month of December, there will be daily posts based on Paul Tripp's Advent book Come Let Us Adore Him.
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