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December 26

This post contains not only the weekly lessons but also some sermon/lesson discussion questions and information related to the new year.


This week’s ministry is Reach the Forgotten (formerly known as Forgotten Man)
While there was no Sunday School, the lessons that were scheduled to be covered are included. 

The lessons and memory verses…

  • Toddler -  Shepherds visited Jesus - Luke 2:11
  • Kinder - Shepherds visited Jesus - Luke 2:11
  • 1  S.S. - Jesus, the King of Kings, arrived - Luke 2:11 - 
  • 2/3  S.S. - Isaiah told of a Coming King - Isaiah 9:6
  • 4/5 S.S. - The Word brings transformation - John 3:3
  • 1st – 5th C.C. - Stephen's Message - Acts 7:48 - 49

Today's 1st - 5th-grade Children's Church Lesson was from the same passage, Acts 7:1 - 53, Pastor Brett preached from this morning.
The lesson guide will help talk about the sermon and the lesson.
Here are some talking points for you and your children
  • Ask them to say or to read the memory verse to you.  Hopefully, even the younger ones, who cannot read well, will be able to fill in the blanks.  Then, ask them to give a brief explanation of what the verse means.
  • What is one of the similarities between Joseph and Moses?  (They were rejected by God's people and were also used by God)  You can a little about what this looked like.
  • What does the phrase "God cannot be contained mean?
    • In the Old Testament, See Acts 7:1 (Mesopotamia), 30 (burning bush), 44 (tabernacle/tent)
    • In the New Testament, see 1 Corinthians 6:19 - 20
  • What does this Big Idea statement mean and look like - "Loving God and Jesus > Loving God's other gifts"
Part of our class time was summarizing 7 parts of Acts 7:1 - 53 passage (see Sunday's take home paper)  The class put these section headings in the correct order.

A.  God protects Moses
B.  God and His leader Moses are rejected
C.  God is with Joseph
D.  God plans for His house
E.  Moses flees
F.  God's promises to Abraham
G.  God speaks to Moses from the bush



Child Protection Policy:  

Some updated information and reminders about the CPP will be coming out soon.

Serving Opportunities:  

There are several serving immediate serving opportunities.  Some of these include:
    • once a month nursery during Sunday School hour and Service time.  Contact Gwen Anderson or Pastor Dave if interested.
    • Fifth Sunday teachers for Toddler and Kindergarten. This is only 4 or 5 times a year.  Contact Michelle Karel or Pastor Dave if interested.
Kids and the Sunday Morning Service:  
    • Over the last two weeks the 1st - 5th-grade children's sermon was connected with the Sunday morning sermon.  We are going to begin doing this sermon/lesson connection time every 5th Sunday.  Check out this blog for sermon/lesson discussion questions and other helpful resources.
    • On the 1st, 4th, and 5th Sundays in January, we are going to be experimenting with some ways to have the kids be part of the singing portion of the service.  Check back here on Monday, January 24th for an update on Kids and Worship!

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