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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Advent Day 25 - Foolishness

The Wonderful Counselor lay in that manger, bringing heart-changing, life-giving wisdom to all who would their trust in him.

For further study  Titus 3:1 - 11

For parents and children:  Ask your children to tell you what they think a fool is or what it means to be foolish.  In the Bible, a fool is someone who thinks he's so wise that he does not need God's Word or God's help.  Help your children to grasp that Jesus came to earth on that Christmas night to rescue fools.  Let them know that one of the names of Jesus is Wisdom.  Help them to see that sin turns all of us into fools who want our own way and resist God's help.  Then tell them that at Christmas God sent Wisdom to rescue us (fools) from ourselves.

“So here is another way to think of the Christmas story: our God of wisdom sent his Son, who is wisdom, to shed his grace on fools so that by his grace they would be rescued from themselves and become wise. A fool has no ability whatsoever to rescue himself from his own foolishness.”

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