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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Not For Sale

Before getting into Acts 8:9 - 24, the children were reminded of some of the big things that recently happened in the narrative.

Stephen was stoned to death with Saul, soon to be Paul, there.  This was the beginning of the persecution, that scattered the church beyond Jerusalem.  Philip went to Samaria and had a great ministry there.  So amazing that "There was much joy in that city."

With all of this going on in that city, our story for today happens!

Here are some passages to read and questions to answer from the story.

Read Acts 8:9 – 13.
What was Simon doing?
What were the people doing?

When the people saw God doing things through Philip that changed.  They were not just astonished.  Their actions changed.

In the next passage of scripture consider the word simony.

Read Acts 8:14 - 19

God is moving in a great way.  It was in Jerusalem.  Then there was persecution.
NOW, it is happening in Samaria.  Just like Acts 1:8 says.

The Holy Spirit is moving in people and changing them and it is VERY NOTICEABLE.

What is Simon the Sorcerer's response to seeing what GodSimon was doing?

Ultimately, Simon the Sorcerer wanted the gift of God more than he wanted God.

Read Acts 8:20

Peter tells Simon the Sorcerer that he needs to repent of this wickedness- trying to buy with his money what God did through Jesus..

Simon's response does not appear to show true humble obedience.  

TRUE HUMBLE is with a right HEART ATTITUDE.  Do this!!  See the notes below on another Bible story.

Simon the Sorcerer desired the gifts of God more than God himself.  Don't Do This!!!

We need to REPENT of our SINS.

Blessed Be Your Name

I Lay Me Down


This week’s scheduled "through the Bible" lesson is The Tale of Two Wicked Cities from Genesis 19:1, 12-29

Before today’s passage, Abraham gave his nephew, Lot, the choice between two pieces of land. 

Lot choose the land that was well watered everywhere like the garden of the Lord (Genesis 13:10).  This land was also near a wicked city (Genesis 13:13), which becomes a problem in today’s story.

Read Genesis 19:12 - 20.
In his mercy, God warned Lot that Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be destroyed.  However, Lot delayed his leaving his home and his son-in-laws did not take the warning seriously.
True humble obedience is not just doing the right thing.  It is doing the right thing, right away.

Read Genesis 19:23 - 26.
When God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, Lot’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt.
Why was looking back so bad?  Because of Genesis 19:17.
True humble obedience is not just doing the right thing.  It is doing the right thing, right away, all the way.

In this passage, God is very angry at sin and is right to punish sinners.  We need to obey.

Remember the other part of True Humble Obedience from today’s sermon.

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