Saturday, February 26, 2022

February 27

This week’s missionaries is Rochelle Visser and the Bible Clubs

The lessons and memory verses…

  • Toddler - 
    • Jesus, the Son of God 
    • 1 John 4:10
  • Kindergarten
    • Jesus showed his glory
    • John 1:14
  • 1  S.S.
    • King Solomon’s glory faded
    • Psalm 25:5a
  • 2/3  S.S.
    • Jerusalem’s restoration
    • 1 John 2:1
  • 4/5 S.S.
    • The Word rises again
    • John 20:20, 21
  • 1s – 5 C.C.
    • Extreme test of faith
    • James 2:23
FYI,  starting next Sunday these weekly posts will include 
the weekly supported worker so your family can pray for them
the title of each age groups lesson
A very basic theme so you know what the big idea of the lesson is
the passage studied, so you can talk about what the kids learned
that week's memory verse so you can practice the verse, even if they didn't go over it in class.

Songs from Children's Church (1st - 5th graders)

Great Things
This song that was sung in upstairs contains the line
"Oh Hero of Heaven...You Have Done Great Things...."
We need to remember that the story of Abraham
and every other part of the Bible is about God and
His greatness, holiness and faithfulness.

More than Conquerors.
This song is also a Bible verse the kids at Bible Club are learning.
Pray for Rochelle and the other Bible Club leaders.

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