Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Camp is Great Church is Better

It is time to think about Summer Camp!!  I want to share three camp things with you:

  1. Different Camp Opportunities
  2. Financial Help
  3. Why Camp is Great and Church is Better

  1. Different Opportunities for everyone:  At Trinity Baptist Church, we don't have one specific camp that we promote.  There are many different, awesome camps in Michigan.  Here are a few that TBC families have gone to and are planning to go.
    • Lake Ann Camp - Before registering for Lake Ann Camp, contact Pastor Dave for Lake Ann's scholarship info. 
    • Camp Michawana  -  Before registering for Camp Micawana, pick up a Camp Michawana scholarship code form at church or contact Pastor Dave.
  2. Pine Ridge Camp - You can find out more about scholarship info by going to
  3. Financial Help if needed:  Scholarships are available to families who consider Trinity Baptist Church their home church.  Request forms are available in the literature rack by the church office or by emailing Pastor Dave.
  4. Camp Is Great and Church is Better:  Camp is a special place God uses at a special time to do very special things in a child's life. This camp-fire, mountain top experiences can often be such an encouragement to those who attend.  Personally, God saved me when I was at a youth camp and God used a camp experience to confirm my call to the Dominican Republic. 
But life is not only camp-fires and mountain-top experiences.   
God's plan, as found in His Word, is the church.  God established the church, the Bride of Christ and God's Body, to show others who Jesus is and make much of what Jesus has done.  
A camp that I have been a part of for many years, Camp Patmos, begins its mission statement with "Camp Patmos exists to assist the church..."  That is a proper understanding of camp and the church.  I love having the opportunity to speak truth into campers' lives for a week at camp. 
I love sending my children to camps. 
Even more so, I love being part of the church's weekly, even daily, ministry in the lives of individuals and families.  

At Trinity, we consider it a privilege and responsibility to help families intentionally disciple their children towards godliness and we recognize that one of the many resources God provides His church is camp.

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