Sunday, September 11, 2022

Talk About God

A new ministry of Trinity Baptist Church recently started up.  Now before you think "I don't have time for another scheduled meeting," let me inform you that this new ministry "Trinity Life" is designed to be done at any time and anywhere.  It is a new podcast that informs, equips, and encourages the TBC family.

The first episode has the creative title "First Episode of Trinity Life."  Pastor Jason and I talk about the purpose and hope for this new ministry.

The second episode is "Talking about God with Our Children."  Pastor Jason talks with me about ways to talk about the Lord with our children in our homes. 

This post contains the resources mentioned in the podcast along with some additional resources.

We need to be talking about God in our homes.  There are different ways we can do this.  Two ways discussed in the podcast are formal and informal discussions and both are important. 

Formal times are when you have something specific and planned to talk about.  This may seem intimidating at first, especially if you haven't seen this modeled or done it yourself.  Two essential parts of this formal time are reading God's word and praying to God.  The third part you should include is singing praise to God.  I want to share some resources to help with each of these, especially the singing because this doesn't need to include a piano or music team.  Future posts will include resources for each of these areas.  YES!! You read that correctly David Rodgers will be offering singing tips.

I want to encourage families at TBC to have formal family time at least ONCE A WEEK.  
More would be better.
None is not good.
Once a week is something.
Informal times are often spontaneous and situation-focused.  They are when you take opportunities provided in life to talk about the things of God.  Some of these situations include but are not limited to times of discipline, disappointments, celebrations, and even entertainment.  Let me give specific examples of the last two.  
On birthdays I have tried to remind my kids "This day is not about you.  Today we are going to celebrate what God has done in your life this past year."  I want to teach my kids that each and every day, including their birthdays, are about God and His glory.
When we are watching a movie, TV show, or sports program, there is a good chance that something is going to come up that will provide opportunities to talk about God and Christian living.  A word of warning:  Don't try to dissect every word of dialogue, every commercial, and every action.  Choose your conversations wisely.   Mix in questions not just statements.  Sometimes don't say anything and let them think about what they heard or saw. 

Upcoming Posts that include specific resources:

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