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Friday, October 14, 2022

October 16

Missionary Family Member - N

Toddler  SS
Jesus healed a woman’s back - Jesus cares about our bodies.
The passage is Luke 13:10-13.  
The memory verse is Psalm 111:1

PreK/ K SS
God’s grace for Adam - God offers to forgive us our sin
The passage is Genesis 3.  
The memory verse is Colossians 1:14

1st  SS
God made a promise - God promised to bless the world through Abraham
The passage is Genesis 12:1 – 9; 22:1 -19.  
The memory verse is Genesis 12:3c

2nd-3rd SS
God promised salvation - God’s son fulfilled God’s promise to bless the nations
The passage is Genesis 11:1 – 12:4; 15.  
The memory verse is Galatians 3:8

4th–5th SS
God Created a Heavenly Host - God created angels to worship Him and do His will in the world.
The passage is 2 Kings 6:8-18; Job 38:4-7; Is 6:1-4; Matt. 4:11; Col. 1:16.  
The memory verse is Colossians 1:16

1st–5th  CC
Crossing the Jordan - God provides a way for us to follow his will
The passage is Joshua 3, 4
The memory verse is Joshua 1:8, 9

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