Friday, November 17, 2023

Christmas Family Worship Ideas


The Christmas Season is when we are easily distracted - family, gifts, food, gifts, the end of the year, gifts, and so many other things, including gifts.  

Did I mention GIFTS?  They become distracting because we think about what we are getting or giving.

The reality is Christmas is a celebration of the GREATEST GIFT EVER GIVEN, yet we often obsess about much lesser gifts during this time.  

“If we want to give our children the gift of clearer gospel understanding this Christmas, we must put more thought into how we lead them than we put into buying gifts and making Pinterest crafts.”  From the podcast episode An Intentional Advent.  

For info about Advent, check out these links:

Considering Intentional Advent, here is what we are planning for this year.  

A four-part Christmas series on words often used this time of year.   

Hope - December 3
Peace - December 10
Joy - December 17
Love - December 24

Instead of doing a churchwide daily Bible reading plan, we will provide two different resources:

  1. An every Wednesday in December post, connecting Sunday's sermon to the first four questions of the New City Catechism (  
  2. A list of suggested Christmas books and websites for you to use. More will be added on Monday 11.20.23.  You can also list any resources or ideas in the comment section of this post.
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