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April 28, 2024

Parents, two reminders...

Bring the family to the PRAY & PLAY night.  Spend time praying with other families and then playing some board games and other games.
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Register your child for VBS.
Also, if you are Child Protection Policy (CPP) approved, consider volunteering for VBS.
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For more about the 1st - 5th grade lesson on Proclaiming Christ, go to the bottom of this page.

This week's supported workers are the Bettigs with TransWorld Radio

Samuel Hears God’s Voice
God wants us to obey Him.
1 Sam. 3:10 – 20
Jer. 42:6

PreK/ K
The Friend in the Den.
Jesus, our Friend, answers our prayers.
Daniel 6:12 – 28
Jer. 33:3

1st  SS
Warm Welcome to Three Friends
God gives us the strength & courage to stand for Him.
Daniel 3
Isaiah 41:10a

2nd-3rd SS
Jesus Accepted Sacrificial Service
Jesus deserves our honor and sacrificial devotion.
Mark 4:1 – 11
Phil 2:9, 10

4th–5th SS
Guard Your Mind
God wants us to meditate on His truth & guard our minds from evil.
Rom 12:1, 2; Phil 4:6-8
Romans 12:2

1st–5th  CC
Proclaiming Christ in Athens & Corinth
God wants us to be concerned about the lost.
Acts 17:16 – 18:22
Eph 2:8 – 10

Along with the passage, we discussed the fact that there are many different methods and ways to share the Gospel, and no matter which one you use, it needs to point to repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ.
You can learn more about what was said about evangelism HERE.

We sang this energy filled version of Nothing But the Blood is 

HERE is a Gospel resource.

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