Thursday, May 2, 2024

Day of Prayer

Today is 2024's National Day of Prayer
Remember to pray, not just today but every day.

Here is the Prayer resource from last night's
Pray & Play Night

This Sunday's sermon passage is Romans 12:1 - 2

  • A guide to help your prayer life is the Bible and Romans 12, which is full of prayer items.
    • Fighter Verse Devotional on Romans 12:1 - 2.  The opening paragraph, "Romans 12:1 - 2, opens a new section of the Apostle Paul's letter.  After explaining the Christian's justification, sanctification, and glorification in chapters 1 - 11, he now turns to what would be the sacred response in the heart of a believer in Christ Jesus our Lord.  You can hear Paul's shepherding heart in the way he begins, 'I appeal to you.'  The Greek word for "appeal" is parakaleo.  The word envisions one coming alongside you, putting their arm on your shoulder, earnestly saying, 'I beg you, please.'  And this appeal comes with all the enabling power of the mercies of God explained in Romans 1 - 11."  Click for the full devotional.
    • The above guide "Romans 12:1-2 & Beyond" has questions and prayer helps for Romans 12:11-13.

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