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June 30 Kids in Church

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This week is a KIDZ in Church Sunday.  There will be no children's church for 1st through 5th graders.

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This week's message focuses on being a living sacrifice as it relates to our use of money.

Blanks are IN RED.
Additional Talking Points are IN ITALICS.

The God wants us to be living sacrifices with our MONEY (Why do you think how we spend our money is important? What are some ways you/we spend our money that shows our priorities?)

We obey the law because we LOVE God, not because we FEAR jail time.  (Love is a greater motivator.  Read portions of Psalm 119 and talk about what the Psalmist writes about the word of God.  

Government has the right to levy taxes & we have the responsibility to PAY them. 

God did not save us for the purpose of civil re VOLU tion, but rather heart re FORMA tion.

If you owe taxes, pay TAXES ;  if revenue, then REVENUE;

if respect, then RESPECT; if honor, then HONOR.

I want to give you some biblical precept to take with you. 

    1. Do not borrow more than you can pay BACK  (Read Psalm 37:21)
    2. Do not go into debt to UPGRADE your lifestyle. 
    3. Pay your bills on TIME.
    4. Pay all credit card debt at the end of every month.
    5. Live within or BELOW your means.
    6. Put money into savings/Investments.
    7. BUDGET your money, have a spending plan.
    8. Only borrow money on appreciating - increasing value - items, (Homes, investments, college depending on your degree) not depreciation – decreasing value - items (toys, vacations, spas, food) 
    9. Do this so you can be a generous GIVER.

We are spiritual debtors of LOVE to all people,  not just the ones we LIKE  (Read Matthew 5:44.  Remember, they will know we are Christians by our love) 

REMEMBER:  We did not EARN God’s love. 

Consider how you can talk to your kids about how to use money for God's glory.

HERE are the KIDZ sermon notes.  

Here are some additional resources to parents help their kids with money.

Other Kids Classes Information.


  • Dorcas Helped People
  • God uses people to help us serve
  • Acts 9:36-42
  • Gal 5:13

PreK/ K

  • The Church’s Problem
  • Christ uses us to meet church needs
  • Acts 6:1-7
  • Gal 5:13

2nd-3rd SS

  • Paul Saw the Light
  • God will save anyone who trusts in Jesus for salvation
  • Acts 9:1-31

4th–5th SS

  • The Church’s Purpose
  • Christ commands believers to witness and make disciples
  • Matt 28:16-20; Rom 10:9-17

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