Monday, June 17, 2024

Jungle Journey 2024

Our Theme Verse for the Entire Week is 1 Timothy 1:17

Genesis 1:1 is our Memory Verse for the night.
If the kids memorize this verse for they will be helping 
us raise money for Faith In Deeds
in India (

Our first night was filled with 
God's Word, specifically a look at the creation account
Lots of fun, pudding snacks, birdhouses, 
and A LOT OF RAIN in a very little bit of time.  

We are thankful for a very flexible, creative Games team.

Each night we have a group of people downstairs, praying for
 your children and the volunteers.

You can join this group during the VBS time to pray with others
Ask at the registration table

You can pray these verses and things on your own

Tuesday's Cs are Corruption, Catastrophe, and Confusion
The BIG IDEA is "mankind is sinful and in need of a savior.
Yesterday (Monday) was Great News about our good and perfect creator.
Tonight (Tuesday) is the Really Bad News about our Sin Problem.

Here are some verses to get your thoughts focused on the Bible and Prayer.

Genesis 3:8
Genesis 6:5-6
Genesis 11:7-9
Exodus 32:1-2
Judge 21:25
Psalm 53:1-3
Romans 3:10-11; 23
1 John 3:4

Here are some things you can be praying for

Thanksgiving to God for His Provision and His Character
The many different values involved with VBS.

Some general things to pray for the children

Retention, Provision, Heart Change, Safety,
For God’s provision in their lives, For their families

Some general things to pray for the teachers:

Perseverance, Wisdom, Insight, Training

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