Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Jungle Journey Tuesday

 We had a great second night with a bad theme.

Man is sinful.  (Corruption - Adam and Eve sin; Catastrophe - The Judgment of the Flood; Confusion - The Tower of Babel)

The memory we learned tonight is Psalm 14:3.

For the 2nd -6th graders

For the Toddlers through 1st graders

These are pictures from the 4th - 6th grade lesson.

However, in our closing session, we wanted to leave them with the hope we can have in Christ because of what He did for us on the cross.

We sang two songs, Jungle Jam, from the year's VBS set of songs, and Nothing But the Blood by CityAlight.

Pray for Wednesday night as we share Christ and the Cross!!

Regarding our offering for Faith In Deeds, the girls won, but even more importantly, we raised more than $200 for Faith In Deeds, and we still have two nights left.  We encouraged the kids to think about how they could earn money to bring in for the offering.  

Some prayer requests and praise...

It has been a blessing to know that a group of men and women prays in the church building throughout the week. If you want to join the prayer time, please ask at the registration desk or follow the signs.

Parents, know that at some point during this week your child will be prayed for by name.
Volunteers, know that you are being prayed for.

Here are some verses to help you focus on the Bible, tonight's theme of Christ and the Cross, and prayer.

Gen 3:15:
Isaiah 53:5-6
Matthew 28:8-10
Mark 10:30-32
Luke 8:22-25
John 21:24-25
Hebrews 4:14-16

Thanksgiving to God

For His Provision
We are thankful that the story doesn't stop with we have a big problem - SIN. 
We are thankful that the story doesn't stop with we have to figure out to fix our problem. 
We are thankful that God's Word shows us God's provision of God's Son for Our Sin Problem. 

For His Character

For the families that are involved with VBS

Pray for children you know at VBS, at Trinity or elsewhere.
Pray that they would hear the truth shared.
Pray that their hearts and lives will be changed by God's grace.
Pray that the lessons learned would reach beyond the 6:15 to 8:15 time at 2050 Aberdeen. 
Pray that families would be impacted with the BIblical truth shared.

Pray for the teachers and other volunteers.

  • Tonight's teachers are Kaelynn Clark and Sierra Anthony.
  • Pray for these station leaders and the workers in each area:  Janna Figg (crafts), Geoffrey Ford (games), Memory Verse (Deb Knoll), Snacks (Barbara Ford and Cindy Osborne)
  • Pray that we will not merely transfer what we have learned to others but out of an overwhelming desire to share what we have taken to heart about God.

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