Monday, December 20, 2021

Advent Day 20 - Self-swindlig

Because sin has tragically infected all of us, the presence, work, and grace of that baby in the manger is what we all need.

For further study:  James 1:22 - 24

For parents and children:  Define swindling for your children.  (To swindle means to lie or deceive to get something that you want.)  Talk to your children about how we all lie to ourselves in order to think we're okay.  Help them to understand how we swindle ourselves by blaming the wrong things we do on other people or other things.  Ask them where they tend to minimize or deny the wrongs they do.  Help them to understand that when we deny our wrongs, we deny our wrongs, we deny our need for what Jesus came to earth to do for us.  Help them to understand that celebrating Christmas begins with confessing our need for the forgiveness that Jesus came to earth to give us.

"It really is possible to live in a state of Advent schizophrenia, where you celebrate the birth of the Messiah while actively denying your need for his birth, life, death, and resurrection."

"Four ways that we all tend to swindle ourselves into believing that we don't need the rescue that Jesus was born to provide.  (1)  We all tend to minimize our sin.  (2) We all tend to doubt the wisdom of God's law.  (3)  We all tend to be more concerned about the wrongs of others than our own sins.  (4)  We all tend to deny what's in our hearts."

"Exuberant rejoicing begins with brokenhearted weeping.  Only when sin breaks our hearts will the coming of the Messiah excite our hearts."

For the month of December, there will be daily posts based on Paul Tripp's Advent book Come Let Us Adore Him.
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