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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Advent Day 21 - Self-Righteousness

 The incarnation of Jesus Christ is a gracious rebuke to all who put their hope in human righteousness, wisdom, and strength.

For further study:  Philippians 3:1 - 11

For parents and children:  Help your children to understand the concept of self-righteousness - that we all tend to think that we're better than we are and that we all tend to excuse our wrongs.  And when we do, we tell ourselves that we don't need help.  Help your children to understand that the Christmas story confronts our belief that we are so good, we don't need help.  God sent his Son because he knew that we are desperately needy and unable to help ourselves.  Help your kids to understand that it makes no sense to celebrate the birth of Jesus while denying the reason for his birth and their need for what his life and death offers.

"The Christmas story confronts our delusion that we can live healthy and wholesome independent lives.  If we were capable of being what we're supposed to be and doing what we're designed to do, and if we were able to solve our deepest and most foundational problems, then there would have been no need whatsoever for Jesus to take on human form, to be born as a baby, to live, die, and rise again."

"There are only two ways of living.  You are either confessing that you were created by God to be dependent on his wisdom, power, and grace, OR you are believing that you have within yourself everything you need to live well on your own."

"The birth of Jesus destroys the logic of human independence."  

"If you are a human being, the Christmas story confronts you with the depth of you need for help.  But the Christmas doesn't just confront you with your need; it also introduces you to the ultimate helper."

For the month of December, there will be daily posts based on Paul Tripp's Advent book Come Let Us Adore Him.
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