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Friday, December 24, 2021

Advent Day 24 - War

God entered the world, took on flesh, and defeated the Devil so we would no longer be defeated by the world, the flesh, or the Devil.

For further study:  Ephesians 6:10 - 20

For parents and children:  Ask your children what they think war is.  Then tell them that the Christmas story is a war story.  Help them to understand that Jesus came as a warrior king to do battle with the enemy, Satan, and to win a victory that we could never win on our own.  Remind them that the first man, Adam, battled with Satan and lost, so God sent Jesus to battle with Satan and win.  Help them to see that Jesus came to earth to do this for us so that when we battel with Satan, we can win too.

"The Christmas story is God responding to the cry of the world, now damaged and darkened by sin, for a second Adam."

"Tomorrow, when you celebrate Christmas Day, remember to celebrate the birth of the Great Warrior. He won the victory that you and I could have never won. That victory is our hope in this life and in the one to come."

For the month of December, there will be daily posts based on Paul Tripp's Advent book Come Let Us Adore Him.
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